Timing track meets for over 40 years, FEMMER TIMING has established a reputation for professionalism in providing efficient and accurate Fully Automated Timing and meet management services. Our experience covers a wide spectrum of middle school, high school, collegiate, Youth, Open, Masters, and Parathletic events at many levels, including League, Regional, Conference, State, and National Championships. We understand the importance of a well-run event, and are cognizant of the needs of athletes, officials, coaches, spectators, meet directors, and media. We endeavor to make each meet an optimal experience for all.

Utilizing FinishLynx timing, we offer enhanced services with such extras as wireless Remote Start, integrated wind gauge, front-view IdentiLynx camera, and digital display of running times.

We provide field event wind gauges, and have the capability to utilize an electronic devices app to record field event marks for more efficient and accurate processing of event results.

Integrating the FinishLynx timing system and field event app devices with the Meet Pro meet management software allows for efficient and accurate processing of event results. Running event results are displayed after each heat, and upon completion of each event, results are posted to the internet.

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